Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday, oh GLORIOUS Sunday.

It's another beautiful Sunday in Charlotte.
Bright, Sunny, & warm, everything a Sunday should be.
The best part of glorious Sunday's is knowing that it's only the beginning of my weekend.

This month has been just love-ly.
Birthdays and quality times have been in full effect.
Its hard to believe February is half way over!

Tomorrow is valentines day, its my excuse to make crafts, eat candy, and wear red & pink!
I'm actually working on a few projects for my valentine right now.. trying to hurry, because he's on his way home from the airport!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday.
Check back in later, I'll show you some sneak peeks of my valentines.

Meanwhile, tell the ones you love, just how much. Remember the things that made you fall for them, and remind them... It's one of the few days a year you have every excuse to be cheesy and lovey dovey. Soak it up!

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