Monday, February 14, 2011

Be mine.

Happy Valentines Day!

I have 2 Valentines diy's that i did this year.
One of which i got the idea from our friend Heather Whittaker
see this post-> here

Love Jars
So in the jar #1 (to the left).. it is filled with "our love"
let me explain:
Both Luke and I love little trinkets. shells, coins, charms, scraps of memories from material things... etc (you get the picture) So we tend to collect a lot of do-dahs... aka Clutter.
They are all (usually) sentimental... so its hard to just get rid of it... so why not collect it and put it together.. like a jar! (which im also obsessed with collecting)
So in this jar, are our wedding vows.. (from the scraps of paper we had them written on), coins & shells from our honeymoon destination, the necklace i gave Luke on our wedding day (which so happens to also be a message in a bottle necklace ironically) and a love note or two.
Now this jar sits nicely next to all the other jars i have collected in our bedroom, which include a love letter from each week before our wedding (about 3) (see photo below).

I think its a great idea for vacations and occasions! Its like scrap booking, but only way cooler. Saving movie stubs, wrappers and buttons from date nights or birthdays just got creative!

It's my small attempt at slowly de-cluttering my life.

The other jar(jar#2) is my 'love you' jar.
in it i wrote lots of reasons why i love Luke.
To be honest, after i got done putting the slips in there.. i laughed a little.. because i thought, man, i am so romantic.
A somewhat conceited pat on my back if you will.
And then i thought about how in this gushy moment how easy it was for me to think of all the reasons why i love my husband. I mean i was watching a Nicholas Sparks movie, and was home alone. It was hard not to be a hopeless romantic.
But then i got to thinking how that this jar is mostly just for me.
Yeah, Luke will think its special, and he may even read every single one when i show him.
But really i think this jar is my challenge.
That anytime I'm annoyed, or frustrated, or feeling down I'll take one of the "love you's" out and remember and reflect.
Cause there sure are a lot of reasons i love that guy.
Some, are really silly and embarrassing, and some are serious and are things that changed my life. Either way i figure, that whether they encourage him, or encourage me, a little extra love in my life is never a bad thing.

other things i love: 'Redeeming love' I've probably read this book 10 times in my life, but it never disappoints, such a great book!
Jars, (i assume you've gathered that by now)
And my heart garland that i made last year, and ended keeping it up all year round!

Hope you can count your blessings today


Whittaker Woman said...

And that is why I like you! Loved the all the love. For me, for luke, and for all the little things in this post that I feel like I wrote. Nicolas Sparks, love note projects for him but REALLY for me. Even down to the fact that I am yet again nose deep into Redeeming Love for the umpteenth time! :) Love ya H

Mary Ellen Skye said...

YAYY!! i love it all! SWEET and simple but absolutely perfect!!

Two Happy Hearts said...

pretty photos :) i love your blog.