Thursday, November 11, 2010


Teal & Mustard
new color crush this week, blues and golds. like a romantic and whimsical version of fire and ice.
I love these colors in the kitchen, in living spaces, in wardrobes, and anywhere i can find it!
Here are some favorite looks and inspiration.

obsessed with these chairs & ottoman, meets all my requirements, stylish, modern, rustic, homey, conversational, plush, comfy & cool
these are the 2 colors i have been wanting to paint our 2 bathrooms. this photo above is my favorite shade. and a soft mustard for our bathroom.
felt super inspired by my teal fingernails, and wore these sassy mustard accessories this week!
its like fall leaves and a fall sky.
love love.



Anonymous said...

these are wonderful! I love the teal.

Mary Ellen Skye said...

girl you know i love teal! and this combination is perfect!

Brynna said...

i love that combination! mustard yellow is one of my favorites, those two look so good together!!