Monday, November 8, 2010


Our trip to Asheville yesterday was a grand success! it was beautiful. I realize now, after reviewing my photos from the day, that all we really did was drink coffee. Which was fine by me.
I hadn't been to Asheville in so long, and it truly is a gem of a town.
i love it.
(a necessary boot day)
(the dripolator coffee shop in black mountain)
(the cutest single cappuccino's)
(another coffee shop before we went to the show. Best mint latte ive ever had!)

Sufjan was: incredible.
to be completely honest.. i had only really heard the new album as background noise a time or two... so i really had no idea what i was in for.
2 drummers, 3 backup dancers, silver pants, lazer lights, robot imagry, it was like American apparel and an 80's video game had a baby, so visually and audibly stimulating, and not to mention the best dance moves ever.
the encore they all changed into their normal attire and played all of our favorites.
it was perfect.
overall #asheville2010 was awesome.

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Mary Ellen Skye said...

What a Fun day!! we really did have a ton of coffee... may have been why i only got 3hrs of sleep!