Thursday, January 21, 2010

rainy days.

Good evening world.
Today has been a good day. Its thursday... and it was raining...
which means.. i dont work on thursdays.. and luke has rainy days off..
the times it actually rains on thursdays are super nice... and so exciting to just get to sleep in together... (that never ever happens!)
So our day consisted of... sleeping in.. laying in bed all morning... taking lunch to some of our friends who just had twins this week!!! , held the babies... grocery shopping errand running... and then we both had a boys/girls night...
Dinner with the ladies.. and great avacado pizza yummslmdkfm! quality time.


exausted.. and ready to curl up back in bed.

Im ready for snow or spring.
im gonna need one of those.. asap!

this teeter tottering weather is cute... but such a tease.
(springtime in the park.. was a fun fun time :)

oh well..
tgif tomorrow.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

cant wait for sprinnnnnnggggg!