Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Watched American idol with Jessica. tonight.... Only really get into this show... "pre-hollywood" i may jump in on the episode when they do makeovers... (im a sucker for befores and afters..) but otherwise.. i get bored.
Jessica makes a music mix each month.. which is always awesome.. and pretty much the only form of new music i ever receive... im lazy.. and let her do the tune hunting these days.
check it out:

Also... besides the mixes that i adore from my sister..
tonight ive been listening to Austin Crane

seen them live a few times.. and always forget how much i really really like it...
been listening to it tonight on repeat.
('the first shall be' is my favorite)

Hope everyone's day was lovely!

oh ps:
(The pork tenderloin i made in the crock-pot this morning... turned out DELICIOUS!!!
so tender... and tasty! so proud)


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