Friday, February 1, 2013

Where has all the color gone?

I can appreciate color.
 i really can.
But this post has nothing to do with color.
i snapped some inspiration pictures at the antique mart this week (sleepy poet for all you locals)
they had so many good things this trip!
most of these are from my favorite (and way over priced) booth.
i love being inspired with how to display or put things together that i already own.
i think the key to all this clutter and chotchy's is that it's all natural toned.
no crazy colors, making it feel cohesive and well put together.
much like i've fashioned my living room after. (pictures of that later...)
One of my favorite things to look at pictures of is home decor.
magazines, blogs, pinterest, instagram... i love seeing where people call home.
even as a kid i loved going over to friends houses and seeing their rooms!
i know i get this all from my mom. (which i love)
hope you enjoy looking at these, and maybe pick up some inspiration yourself!

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