Thursday, August 30, 2012

NY, i love you...

I'm going, I'm going!
i don't ever get to do much traveling.
never really have.
it's a shame really that i'd go BACK to the same place instead of try something new, but i read in a book somewhere that living isn't all about checking places off your list... its about really living in the places you are.
 so, I'm taking that as... even if NYC is the only place i ever really go.. i'm gonna discover all it has.
 I've been to NYC a few times, but I'm more excited about this trip than any other.
One reason being i'm visiting one of my bestest friends there, and i've never been while she's lived there.
Another reason is it will NOT (unless some freak of nature) be snowing/freezing while im there!
I've only ever been in December.. for christmas, and new years. (which are fabulous)
But there is so much you can't do, or would rather not do.. when you are frozen... and dodging snowflakes. This time I'll be going early October, so maybe even fall like???? (a girl can dream)

All that being said, I've been preparing a list of sorts.. of things to do, places to eat, movies to watch (before i go) and i need your input.

Tell me where to eat, shop, take pictures, drink coffee, grab a beer, see good art, do stuff for free..
I dont go for another month or so.. but i like to be prepared.
so let me know. there is so much i need to discover...
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Julie Watson said...

Eeek! so fun you're going. When? We are going too as sort of a late summer/fall vacation and anniversary trip. We haven't been anywhere together (besides WA) since our honeymoon, so I can't wait. We're going first week of Oct!

Julie Watson said...

P.S. I was just getting ready to post about our NYC adventure coming up too. Twins:)

kelly summers said...

That's awesome! I'm so jealous. I got to go with my family last year and it really rekindled the love I have for that city. I want to go back with Rob really badly. Take tons of pictures!

jessie said...

Eatly. it's the yum.

Raechel said...

uhadkjfhalkjdhfklajh I'm so excited! Watch sex and the city duh. and felicity? haha. xo Raech