Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Scooter rides...

 So since we recently got a cute little vino scooter it has been my goal to be able to take it for a (safe) ride!  My first attempt was pretty funny/scary, somehow missed my turn and was riding on a center median on a busy street! HAH so embarrassing!  So when Luke wanted to go for another ride together the other day i nervously agreed, but made him promise we'd have some neighborhood practice before i went on the real streets.
We borrowed our friend/neighbors ride and went on a little scooter adventure.
Im not gonna lie... Im getting so good.
there were a couple of times i passed Luke and led the way!  We rode all around, then stopped at a greenway outside downtown and took some pictures by a huge mirror ball... :)
its no chicago.. but it was cute.. and mini and a fun place to take pics.
Im excited for many more fun rides on our little scooter:)
Happy first day of summer, hope you find lots of adventure!


Julie Watson said...

Aww...So cute and fun! I love scooters. And that mirror ball is awesome.

jessie said...

that first pic of Luke is AMAZING! such an incredible shot. scooter's are awesome! this & me need to ride. scooter gang?

Mary Ellen Skye said...

love these pictures! :) you guys are so cool.
and i wish i had a scooter....

meagan said...

third to last pic is so cute!