Friday, June 22, 2012

Fashion Friday: Inspiration & budget shopping.

so, i love neutrals.
mostly because its what i can wear for work... so i embraced it long ago and would rather pick a black/grey/white/tan shirt over a red one ANY DAY.
My favorite thing about fashion is in my eyes you've never arrived, you're always traveling there.
one week im crazy about one thing.. and the next its something new.
Since i was a teenager i collected magazine adds, articles photos and kept them in a trapper keeper for inspiration. Pinterest makes it easier and more accessible these days so i love browsing and finding inspiration when im lost while getting ready in the morning. (am i the only one who does this?)  One of my favorite things to do is find a look for less.  Because my style is always evolving.. its fun to find certain 'look a likes' to get me through without breaking the bank.
i love quality and nice brands and things, but with my 'budget' these days i have to be pick and choose what i want to invest in.

All that said here are some photos that have inspired me and my style lately...
and here are some budget pieces sprinkled in!


Source: via Charis on Pinterest



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Restoration Blog said...

Thanks for these tips/ideas on neutral matching! Love following your blog and original fashion.