Thursday, March 22, 2012

what i wore: maxi to the max.

I love the maxi skirt/dress trend. 
its so convenient for my long pale legs.
Its perfect for work, when its a million degrees and i still want to look professional, but still feel a breeze.
the one downfall to them though is my bad habit of stepping on the hem every time i go to stand up, therefore "shanking" myself.
how embarrassing! Oh well.. ill be more careful in the future!  (hah)

grey vest: linq// anthropologie
maxi skirt: h.i.p. // nordstrom
boots: aldo
belt: XXI
lace necklace: XXI
watch: urban outfitters


LINDA said...



Linda from

morgan said...

so cute! I love maxi anything! You can just do so much with a maxi skirt or dress :)
Happy Friday!