Monday, December 26, 2011

trimmings from Dorothy..

I really don't want to take my tree down...(ever) its so cozy and i love the smell and the glow.
But alas, it is definitely on my "to-do list" this week sometime...
Every year i've scrounged up some sort of trimmings for our tree.. something in budget... or reusable. 
This year i made a few yarn ornaments,  purchased a $2 pack of silver balls, and clipped my special vintage photographs.
My great grandmother was moved into an assisted living facility a couple of years ago and in doing that they started dividing up some of her things throughout the family... organizing and getting rid of unnecessary things.
One day while visiting with my mom and grandmother we went through all of her photographs.  I held up each one and had her describe anything she remembered.. or who was in the photo.  I made a huge stack of photos that were of people she couldn't remember or that were unrecognizable to her.  I've loved these photos forever! It's so cute to see someone from the 40's and 50's taking photos of their shadows, or goofing off.  I like to imagine the scenario of the  their day and what was happening when the photo was shot. 
A little over a week ago, 1 day before her 95th birthday my great grandmother passed away.
She lived a really great life, and I'm glad she is now with her sweetheart in heaven.
I'll always have these photos as a reminder of one of my last memories with her.
we love you Dorothy.


TheLovelyHunter said...

what a wonderful way to remember her:) your tree looks lovely!

Lorni said...

What a neat idea. So sorry to hear about your grandma. I have some great old photos from my grandmother that are so precious to me.