Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope you all had a fantastic thanksgiving and didn't eat too much!!
we drove down to visit my parents yesterday, we did the usual... eat turkey yada yada yada...
my mom freaks out anytime all of us are all together and makes us do a major photo shoot. 
After we left we had some quality time with some friends, who i am so very thankful for.

For the first time ever i did a little black friday shopping, hit up target at midnight... our entire shopping experience lasted about 17minutes... (felt like one of those old shopping game shows)  we got some good stuff. :)

The rest of today will involve lots of rest... leftovers, homemade xmas decorating, and maybe a christmas movie!
it truly is the most wonderful time of year!!!

all photos taken by Haley Newman

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