Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dear Thanksgiving,

I need to apologize... I'm cheating on you with Christmas!
yes, im listening to christmas music and only christmas music now.
yes, i plan to get my tree this week.
yes, i got confused and bought a present to give away on thursday!
really i just believe christmas is apart of thanksgiving... why else would santa come through the parade on thanksgiving.. duh!
So anyways.. in honor of ushering in CHRISTMAS... last night i had a little craft night.. wine and Love Actually and i made a few ornaments.. and created some 'knock off' crafts inspired by anthro!
retail value of these two together is around $80-$90

I made a terrible mess... but it was fun.
I had a conversation with a friend the other day about wealthiness... and how having a lot of money robs you of creativity (in most cases)  And really i find pride and enjoyment in finding a look a like shirt that should've been $200 or making things instead of just buying them.
It's rewarding.

I still want to make a few more ornaments.. im visualizing my holiday decor, we only own like 3 xmas ornaments.  Each year i have used yarn  & polaroids for ornaments.. so got to get creative!
can't wait.

But first... turkey and green bean casserole here i come!!!

happy thanks giving friends!


Mary Ellen Skye said...

look at you mrs. crafty!

meagancarlie said...

oh my they look fantastic - love them!! i'm so inspired i may have to take a stab at something like this myself :)