Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beach countdown......

I will honestly admit i've never been much of a beach bum...
But i blame it on my fair skin, and the fact all of my childhood memeories of the beach include hauling lots of chairs, a cooler, towels, toys... etc for a family of 6.. and getting pushed under the wave and feeling lost on a crowded commercialized beach.
Now, if i wouldve seen blue crush growing up maybe i would have turned into a legit beach babe... but i missed out on the goodness.

I am more of a book under an umbrella kind of girl when it comes to the beach.. and i have fallen more in love with it.. now that its just me/luke or just me.. and i can travel light.

I am headed to the beach on mothers day.. to spend a few days with my family.. (or part of it) and then leaving that beach to meet up with some of my lady friends at another beach.. and spend time with them!
I am really excited.
I never took beach trips in high school or anything so i feel like such a grown up going to the beach alone!

Once i get back from the beach.. i will have only one week left til my man gets back from tour.. and the best summer of my life will start! yayyy

In other news.. My computer crashed.. or something.
It wont turn on and i am super sad. Hopefully i can get everything off of it.. (praying)
Ive backed up a lot of stuff... but not recently.. so there are a lot of treasures.. on there that i would be so sad to lose.
Luckily we just bought a new computer before Luke left.. so i can have his old one.. But i do want my things off my old book.
So- all that to say i had some photos to upload.. but they are all in hiding right now.. in computer heaven. :(

Hope you all have a fantastic cinco de mayo.. (i love holiday's revolving around chips and salsa and margarita's!!)

And a fantastic weekend...
I'll be back with lots of sea-pictures!
Daughter of the sea.

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Teresa J said...

I am the same way about beaches. I have never been one to lay out for hours on end. When I did, I generally left looking more like a lobster than a beach babe (dang, fair skin).