Monday, January 24, 2011


Happy Monday!
Last week was such a good, and eventful week.
Lots of hanging out, and spontaneous girls nights, and birthday parties galore!
I still find it so excited that i can do things on "school nights" Its taken me a while to realize that being grown up, and out of your parents house has lots of cool perks like that.
(And i've been out of my parents house for years now..)
Luke & I often have moments, when we are out of town, or going somewhere random where we talk about how crazy it is that our parents have no idea where we are or what we are doing...
(If you cant tell, i obviously was pretty sheltered and watched over growing up)
Anyways, my point to all this rambling is... that just because its Monday, doesn't mean the fun stops on the weekend!!! It can go on throughout the week!

This morning, Mary Ellen & I went to Ikea, shopped around, and got lunch.
i love that place. the smell of cinnamon rolls is so comforting.

So i got the lamp i was wanting... and put it together all by myself.
I really love it... and pleased with this little nook now.

I know you all are probably getting really tired of seeing photos of my living room.. but, i don't really have anything else to take pictures of right now..
oh well.
Being lazy for a bit, before i get some work done. Have a couple of haircuts to do before tonight. Then i'm hoping for a movie night with husband. It's been a while.



Jess Gatlyn said...

i NEVER get tired of seeing pictures of your amazingly chic house. i LOVED this post! :)

Indiegirl said...

I love the pictures of your lounge room! How fun is it to style your little house all by yourself? I've been doing the same - you can see here if you like:

I hope you like it :) xx

bird and tree said...

I absolutely love your blog! I left you a stylish blog award over on my site! check it out here:

Mary Ellen Skye said...

girlfriend! i love you and your blog! ;)