Tuesday, January 11, 2011

hi there!

Its snow day #2, ive been at home, in my house for 3 days straight, ( starting to get a little antsy.) All i really want to do is online shop and redecorate. But instead im redecorating online.. making up fantasy rooms.
Finding dream things, that will never be in my home is kind of fun and exciting! Also, searching for the perfect furniture. After 16 months of living in our home, with donated furniture, Luke and I are on a quest for living room seating, its our goal for 2011. Craigslist is awesome today, but craigslist stresses me out. Its like thrifting, if you find the perfect find, you have to get it then, there's no coming back!
Anyways, here's a little inspiration board of some things i've got my eye on.
(also, i just noticed my floor lamp is sitting on the coffee table. Oh well.)


Yellowbird said...

Oh man I know how you feel. We were stuck home for 4 days. I had a bunch of items for some projects, but not not enough supplies to make all the stuff I wanted to. At least you found a way to use your time wisely. I just played Wii. : )

Love the lantern lights.

Rachel said...

Where did you find that cute couch?!

Whittaker Woman said...

ummm please show us lurkers! We want to see your couch! H