Monday, January 3, 2011

2010, in no particular order.

glimpses of my 2010, not in order, because neither is my iphoto :)

I was in 2 weddings.
i got a new tattoo.
gave up on growing out my bangs.
Luke's shoulder came out of socket only once. (until today... as i was posting this)
Went to Texas, became a Rangers fan, & visited the Stock Yards.
made loca lime a tradition on mondays.
discovered the best chocolate chip cookie recipe!
drove down to gville to watch my baby brother graduate highschool!
had a surprise bday vacation!
got crazy and made my hair look like a tiger.
Luke got me this bike!
lots of picnics
Raechel was a bachelorette.
Ginny moved back to Charlotte!

rode this scooter on lots of adventures.
saw the bobcats.
wrote love notes to my man.
made pink pancakes on valentines day!
3 stitches on a snow day. :(
we saw sufjan.

and saw the bobcats.& Michael Jordan
met Therman
i was on the cover of a magazine.
went to common market full time.
bought baby pumpkins for fall.
Luke met his tiny twin: Losiah.
& we had good times on yadkin ave.

Those are just a few things.
2010 was a good year.
Some fun trips&travels.
a career change.
personal breakthrough.
dreams were born.
2011 is going to be great.

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Ginny Elizabeth said...

you are too precious. what a sweet life. as i was scrolling down i kept thinking, "oh, yea!...oh, yea!" thanks for helping me remember things from 2010. you had an exciting yearrrrr. whooo. loves.