Monday, December 6, 2010

dreams, thanksgiving, and goodbye fall.

There are some moments in my life, where i have no idea who i am, where im going, or what ive gotten myself into. And then there are other moments. Moments, when i feel like ive found my identity... my purpose, ive recognized the dream im trying to chase, the light at the end of my youthful tunnel. In these moments, i feel inspired, i feel motivated... by my own self, not by someone else's accomplishments, or dreams, or journey.. but of the hope of my own. I love these moments. Today is one of those times... i feel like i know what i wanna be when i grow up.
It's not so much a profession, or a place, Its an ideal, its a philosophy, its a way of life, its what my heart was made for. Now, maybe because im still young, my dreams will change, and its only natural i keep changing my mind, but i know i was created for something special, and i couldn't figure out why i have been so un-motivated with the dream i was currently fulfilling... but its because my purpose runs much deeper. The pages turn, the seasons change, its required to stay interesting.
I'm speaking tacitly, because i feel like its a treasure im keeping for my heart.. i want to protect it. It seems to big to talk nonchalantly about, yet so fitting- it wont surprise most.
And for that, i am thankful.
I am thankful for a God that inspires, and instills creativity in my soul.
Who gives me dreams, and desires.

(thanksgiving 2010- the Hill family)

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