Saturday, December 11, 2010

touches of Christmas!

Two weeks.
Can you believe it???? Two weeks, til Christmas!
Two weeks, til we go to NYC for the first time together!!!!
oh brother, i love this!
Just watched the weather... hoping for a "ice" day out of work on monday! That for sure would put me in the Christmas spirit! i really really hope!
Next week I'll be going to some xmas parties and such.. and get some shopping done.
these are the good days.

I havent been as inspired to decorate my house for Christmas as much as i was last year.. But, then again lots of stuff has been going on that has been exciting and distracting.. so oh well.
I figured.. i have the rest of my life to make cutesie ornaments and make stockings and stuff. sighhhh - til then... Here a few bits of Christmas ive stashed around our home.
Sure is cozy, and i love the glow of the xmas tree. Its the most perfect amount of light. soft, cozy and romantic! I Never wanna take it down!!!!!!!!!!

homemade pom- topper... had to get crafty with this one.

Merry Merry Christmas!


Sheila said...

Very cute! Way more than I did :( it's so hard decorating when other things are going on.
I love your curtains! Where did you get them? Did you make them yourself?

Rachel said...

I gave up on decorating after the tree was up, stockings up, and wreath up. Maybe the garland will make it around the front door?? Your decorating reminds me of how cozy your mom's house always is! Miss you!! Let me know if you can come home Christmas eve !!

Ali said...

I very much love your hair! cute blog :) your tree looks lovely! Good thinking with the pom tree topper