Monday, November 1, 2010

Cozy flowers.


What a great weekend!
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.. Although, this year i feel like i didn't pay it as much attention as i usually do. I really am just excited for this new month, and and new holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! so many exciting things happening the next 2 months! It's hard to believe its November 1st, but im sooo excited that its here!
Today has felt so cozy, and holiday-like.. that ive had the urge to wrap gifts and decorate a tree... (couldn't do either).
Also, my man comes home tomorrow.. from a month long tour, and i am so excited. Like it's Christmas morning!

Today i've spent my day off doing crafts, drinking coffee, and baking carrots&sweet potatoes (my fave)
This evening i had dinner at Mary Ellen's and we drank our favorite sparkling wine (Lumbresca) and made dinner and cookies. Always a good time :)

Just watched the end of the World Series... :( so sad the Rangers lost. Luke was at the game, and for his sake.. (and mine) i wish they would've won.. :(
oh well,
Hope you all have a great week!

I'll leave you with this:
a jar full of peonies.. so beautiful.


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