Sunday, October 10, 2010


So i ventured out to some thrift stores this afternoon...
my regimen for shopping usually consists of... going somewhere expensive.... browsing.. getting inspired... then going to thrift stores... or cheaper stores to try and find things that are similar in style.. but opposite in price.
Anthropologie is a great example... i absolutely love love love.. the way it smells in there... it could get me to buy anything... every item of clothing is so soft and perfect.
but i cant really afford it. so i browse.. touch everything... get inspired by colors, textures and cuts.
I look through sale items.. just in case... but usually only leaving with one or two things. I've gotten lucky the past few times.. and found jeans for half price.
Then i like to go to antique malls, or just good ole' value village.. and try and find plates, or mugs or anything that looks like it could fit the style im looking for.

Tj Maxx and Marshalls usually does a good job in the homegoods department.. i always find little treasures there... magnifying glasses, hour glass sand timers, old books.. etc..

Heres what i got lucky with today:

wire basket: Value village: $1 / blue mug: sleepypoet antique mall: $2 / Mason jar: Value village: .40cents (mason jars at the antique mall were around $12 i felt very accomplished when i found this one at val.vil.)

green vase: Sleepypoet antique mall $2

after searching and searching thousands of sq. ft. in the antique mall for glasses... nothing was cute enough for the price they were charging... so i caved and bought these babies at antrho..
and the tights... i also caved on.. but i did look at several stores that sell this brand for half price.. and no one had this color. which will go perfect with everything for fall!

So thats it. My day of shopping complete.
i love the challenge of keeping a budget.
but i also love buying something ive wanted, and cant find anything that compares (ie: those cups)

What are some of your thrifting tricks?

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Mason Jars. and you! Im coming on Thursday and want to see you!