Sunday, October 10, 2010

oh Hey October!


Hard to believe October is already a week deep.
I've really enjoyed the cooler weather... and crisp nights!
pumpkin flavored -everything.... new baking endeavors.. Mums, and just the newness of seasons.. on earth.. and in my heart.

This week has definitely been a different kind of living... considering my man has been gone since tuesday... and wont be back til November!!!!!! Im living life like a bachelor. And by bachelor i mean... like sometimes i eat cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner... hah

Thankfully i have sweet friends who have fed me, and entertained me all week... i only had one night alone... and that was last night.. and i still accidentally saw friends :)

for example: Taco Night at Mary Ellen's!! so much fun... home made margaritas.. and fun talks.

this is me and Thermon.... Mary Ellen's pup... i send photos of dogs to luke like every day... (im like the 12 year old.. trying to prove to her parents that she can really handle the responsibility of a pet! hah)

Luke is on quite the adventure these days..... waking up in a new state every morning.. i envy him just a bit. But am there in spirit!

Its so crazy how fast time is flying... there are so many exciting things happening in the next few months!!!!! and 2011 is going to be out of control!!!! sighhh.... life is fun.

things to look forward to:
sufjan stevens
hosting my 1st thanksgiving
Rachel coming home from S. Korea
Tran wedding
Christmas in NYC
Lukes BDAY in NYC
New Years in NYC

But for now, im going to enjoy every ounce of my weeks in october... even if its without my partner in crime...
here's to pumpkin scones, pumpkin chili, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin ale!


love to all.


Anonymous said...

Im going to Sufjan too!

Also,you need a pet-that puppy looks good on!

Anonymous said...

i meant.. "on you."