Wednesday, October 27, 2010

favorite things.

Haven't really been motivated or inspired too much to blog.
Husband has our camera on the road with him, probably taking cooler pictures and video than i would ever take...
But til he comes home, i'll have to deal with iphone photos :)

Here are some snap-its of things that i like around my house.
Part 1
My precious asparagus fern, because it's still alive.

This little skeleton man is a souvenir from our honeymoon, but is also something we've had out year round, but now that its october i love it even more!
// and this cute little pumpkin & perfect shelf for it.
my twinkle Christmas lights that i keep up year round, because i can.

My spice rack filled with spools, its one of my favorite finds!// this patch of quilt. its my favorite patch, and i like for it to always be showing.
onto a sad thing: my dead basil. i need to read books about plants, so i can be better.

Can't believe Halloween is this weekend?!!! I'm usually so excited around this time, but im having a hard time getting motivated for halloween. hoping for the spirit to find me before sunday!

the end.


Paige said...

me too. no inspiration. not feeling it.

Mary Ellen Skye said...

cutsies!! :)