Tuesday, October 16, 2012


My trip to NY was quite a success.
This trip more so than any other I've taken to NY was so so inspiring!
Almost every turn we took i kept telling my friends how magical everything felt.
I fell in love with Williamsburg, (where Raechel&Joel live) their little street, and apartment were so.... MAGICAL! :) We did so so much, and im realizing while compiling these photos that i didnt take pictures of HALF the stuff we did. but like i said, it was so magical that most of the time i was just taking it all in!

day 1: sweetwater cafe, williamsburg shops, central park, MET museum, stumptown coffee, vanessa's dumplings, crown victoria, the woods, lucky dog

 day 2: laSuperior, moon river chatel, sprout home, brookly flea, mast brothers chocolate, toby's estate coffee, soho, joel's studio, authentic pho (for dinner)

 day 3: cafe habana, Nolita/ Elizabeth street shopping, west villiage, magnolia bakery, chelsea market, artist& fleas, the high line, the lucky dog

 day 4: coffee in union square, shopping, crown victoria

 i tried to link up most of the restaurants and places, mostly so i can remember.. and go back :)
i was so inspired being there, but am always glad to come home.

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Jessica said...

I want to go to ny so bad after this!