Wednesday, August 17, 2011

what are we waiting for.

I love change. i love  seasons. 
 i like when seasons change.
the anticipation of what's to come.  
i love the way fall smells, the way it caresses my skin in the morning.
the bite of the breeze.
But to get to the heart of it, its more of an affair of the wait.   
i love halloween. But it's really only because i  love thanksgiving and christmas. 
I love halloween because its the anticipation, its the pumpkins on your front porch til they rot.  The leaves that somehow always make their way all the way into my kitchen.
the pumpkin flavored.. everything.
I love halloween because it lasts.
thanksgiving is over in a day.
Christmas, usually is a disappointment.
All of this to say, i'm like this in every crevice of my life.
it can be unhealthy.
but it can also be the breath of life.
the excitement in the mundane.
I dont want my future to be christmas.. and all this time im hanging out with halloween.. and needless to say im missing out on my favorite part. see what i mean?
I don't want to be disappointed.
I'm learning balance.
to be a planner.. so there will always be anticipation.
but i wont get disappointed.
I want to be a dreamer, but i also want to live my dreams.
i want to be excited, and not let down.
to have high hopes and to be satisfied.

I know that i sound somewhat crazy.. but this is the way i'm wired.
and its for a reason.
I'm just trying to figure it all out.



anna naphtali said...

I so get this. :) and I say to myself every year, this time will be different! :)

Mia Helen said...

This is so beautiful. The way you view change and the way you are taking every thought captive such a breath of fresh air!

Jess Gatlyn said...

love this charis.