Monday, June 27, 2011

Memorial......ehhh 4th of July!

So, I'm just a tiny bit late on posting things from our Memorial day cookout... But what better time to remember than the week before 4th of JULY! yayyyy 
These are two of my snack ideas we had for the party.. redwhite&blue fruit shish kabobs!  
I feel like shish kabobs are a must at any party! i just love food on a stick! hah
Also, rocket pops. duh.
how can you not?
Also, they are Luke's favorite so... we could not..not :)

hard to believe its almost July!
I've got high hopes for July... My sister Rachel who has been living in S.Korea for 2 years comes home this week.. for good (at least for a good while)  and two of my cousin and old friend are getting married in the next two weeks.
it is gonna be a good one.
I also foresee, at least one spontaneous beach trip in the near future.
and on that note..
Have a happy week!


TheLovelyHunter said...

those shishkabobs are such a cute idea! and i am so happy for you that your sister will be back in the states--have a lovely week!

Katherine said...

I LOVE these ideas! I might (absolutely) borrow them!