Monday, June 20, 2011

giver of gifts.

I have a few gems that Luke has recently gotten me while he is out on the road.
One of which being this amazing necklace. (its my absolute favorite)
its a wooden charm set in a bronze riveted casing with a bird cage printed on it & a tiny key charm. I really love it and feel like he did such a good job finding a unique piece that fits my style.

Another set of treasures he got were these sticker books.
I have always had a slight obsession with stickers, since i was a child.  I always collected stickers and loved keeping track of them in my sticker book.
Luke, also loves stickers... he uses anything and everything as his "grown up" sticker book, he's laptop, iphone, drums, ....  So when he came across these two amazing books i was super excited to add to our collection.

Another obsession/collection we have are bottles. 
These miniature viles really make me giddy because they are so cute.
I haven't decided what will fill these, but whatever it is i guarantee it will be cute, (&tiny) 

(more from the sticker book)

  thanks Luke. 



Teresa J said...

What a cute necklace, and sweet gifts. Way to go Luke :)

Kara said...

That necklace is amazing!

Bonte said...

sweet:) I love the mini bottles. so adorb!

Lorni said...

The necklace, teeny bottles and stickers are so fun! love them all!