Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday is the new Saturday..

Well, after a few days of major migrains.. and 100+ degree heat here in Charlotte.. i got up off the couch.. stopped my marathon of Sex & the City.. and got up and did something..
Ginny T. is in town for the weekend(ish) and me, G, and Jess went to CM south for lunch.
I'm trying to carry my D90 around with me more.. and trying to edit photos.. and stop using my iphone so much.. its obnoxious.. and also mildly broken.. (vibrating is on the fritz)
plus.. i miss having photos... its almost the end of July and i only have like 6 photo albums in my iphoto this year... where as 2009 has like 240 albums or something close!!!!
Anyways.. heres to a new years resolution in July.. MORE PHOTOS.

southend//phat burrito.. aka: my new work neighborhood!


common market has the most amazing soups! Luckily they had my favorite today.. Tomato.

J eating a grilled cheese.

their "paid" stamp read^


devouring my soup :)

After Lunch we waltzed around Target... and Marshalls.. i bought some cheap coffee... cheap Margarita mix.. and a cheap pair of undies..
most random check out ever. (just a bit embarassing i thought...)
i basically bought this coffee.. bc it was cheap.. but also mostly because i liked their design.. and the fact it was called "tall dark and handsome" for their dark roast.... im a sucker for clever and cool packaging. ill buy anything.

it was sooo hot today.. my drink was even sweating in the AC! heat wave.

Through this heat wave we've been having in Charlotte.. i can't help but long for autumn.. and winter.. i love 'fall' smelling candles.. and crunchy leaves.. and jackets and boots...sighhhh
heres to hopin' for cooler weather..


allison said...

love zee pics. love the hues.

Anonymous said...

fun pics!
coming to see you next NEXT weekend!

The Rollins Family said...

sure do miss you!

okaywong said...

okay, am i the only one who gasped when i read the first line of this blog entry? glad your marathon was a tv show one after all. but i guess a marathon of sex wouldnt be so bad, i just wouldnt want you to blog about it. love you sweetie!;)